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Emblems & Symbols

Our Founders carefully chose symbols that represent Kappa values. These principles have lasted throughout our history and guide the actions of our organization today. Each symbol has a special place in our hearts. Check out our symbols and their meanings below.

The badge symbolizes unlocking the mysteries in science, literature and art.

Officially adopted in 1911, the Coat-of-Arms represents many Fraternity tenets including: truth, loyalty, purity, generosity, and faithful service, to name a few.

Kappa chose the iris for its dignity and grace. The color variety of the flower can be two different blues.

The fleur is the stylized, decorative symbol of the iris flower.

The sacred creature, the owl, reflects Kappa’s connection to wisdom.

The sapphire is a symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy. The blue hue embodies the heavenly spirits of light and wisdom.

Kappa’s colors are light blue and dark blue.